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“Bones Without A Name” is the hard blues about a missing boy who was murdered. The genesis of “Bones Without A Name” took place during my music supervision work on the AMC/Sundance show Hap And Leonard. I was brought on board by John Wirth, who was the showrunner for this show. John and I had previously worked together on the AMC Western Hell On Wheels. John afforded me a generous amount of creative support in that I not only did the usual work of a music supervisor, but I also got to create additional music for these shows. Hap and Leonard’s creator Jim Mickle and producer Linda Moran were also very supportive. I’m very thankful for the composers of these shows, Kevin Kiner and Jeff Grace for being so gracious. Most of the time music I created made it in the shows, but every now and then one wouldn’t. Case in point: “Bones Without A Name.”

The idea was presented to me that a song needed to be created for the opening teaser scene of the final season 3 episode of Hap And Leonard and this is what I did. We all liked it, but in the end, the rhythm of the visual cut of the scene and the song didn’t do the magic trick. We went with Jeff Grace’s score, which I think was a real improvement, but I got a good song out of it.


Bones Without A Name

Bones Without A Name 

By Rick Clark 

I’m going to tell you a story about a boy who was dearly loved

His folks said God had blessed them

With a light from up above

But in the shadows watching

Was one who'd steal his flame

And now the night has fallen

He's just bones without a name 


Where is my mama

Where is my pa

Where is my family

(I’m) A long way from home

If those bones could talk, there's something they'd say

There's a cost to being loved, 

Each and every day

Cause there's the devil in the details 

That no witness can lift the stain

When the night's fallen

And you're just bones without a name


Where is my mama

Where is my pa

Where is my family

(I’m) a long way from home

A long way from home

A long way from home

The Players

Rick Clark: Acoustic Guitar, Vocal

John Dymond: Bass

Colin Linden: Electric Guitar

Brian Owning: Drums, Cymbal Scrapes and Bag of Chains

"Bones Without A Name" was written by: Rick Clark - Rick Clark Music (ASCAP)

Produced by: Rick Clark

Engineered by: Mark Rubel, Dwayne Larring

Mixed by: Dwayne Larring and Rick Clark

Mastered by: Alex McCollough at True East Mastering

Recorded at Blackbird Studio, Berry Hill, TN