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“Faith In Doubt” was inspired by a group of fundamentalist protesters who felt those of us entering the theater were ripe for eternal damnation. Well …. there you go!

Faith In Doubt


written by Rick Clark and Mark Marchetti

When I was young I believed everyone

Now I have trouble believing anyone

The test of time will tell what’s false and what’s true

Between the dark and light

Are shades of me and you

Cause when you trust somebody

Inside and out

Something may happen

To keep your faith in doubt

Went to a movie, a passion play

People with signs were standing in my way

They tried to save me from being deceived

But you know it’s just a matter of what you believe.

They think they’ve got it all figured out

They’ve got their answers

I’ve got my faith in doubt

Faith in doubt


Every one wants a lifetime warranty

But with each breath, there are no guarantees

Except a life of human rights and wrongs

Both keeping score, until the day you’re gone

Sometimes I wonder what it’s all about

But there are no answers when the lights go out

Some folks have told me I ought to beware

but all these questions are just my kind of prayer

Some people think they’ve got it figured out

They’ve got their answers

I’ve got my faith in doubt

Faith In Doubt

The Players

Rahsaan Barber: Horns

Roland Barber: Horns

Rick Clark: Acoustic Guitar, Vocal

Viktor Krauss: Upright Bass

Colin Linden: Electric Guitar

Ross Rice: Keys

Jano Rix: Drums, Percussion

"Faith In Doubt” was written by: Rick Clark - Rick Clark Music (ASCAP) and Mark Marchetti - Mark Marchetti Music (BMI)

Produced by: Rick Clark

Engineered by: Mark Rubel, Dwayne Larring

Mixed by: Dwayne Larring and Rick Clark

Mastered by: Alex McCollough at True East Mastering

Recorded at Blackbird Studio, Berry Hill, TN