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Folk Alliance International Conference, Montreal

The Folk Alliance International Conference in Montreal was a roots music lovefest of the first order. I'm so thankful to Greg Torrington for making this experience happen and provide such an enriching immersion into some of Canada's finest artists. I shot a load of photos of my time there, but this photo I took captured the view out a performance space window that also caught Dave Gunning's soulful set. It seemed to celebrate an intimate sense of place in a uniquely lovely city. Concerning Gunning’s set, it times the room felt like a collective performance prayer. It felt authentic and unforced and I’m glad I was present to witness this.

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Nick Lowe on songwriting

I’ve always loved Nick Lowe’s music ever since his 1978 album Pure Pop For Now People. The way he can exude playfulness in one moment and be utterly touching in another is a gift. There is also a kind of warm dignity I get from his releases of the last 25 years that I cherish.

I stumbled across this quote of his about writing songs I thought I’d share. I like the way he approaches this process. Personally, I don’t tackle every song in this manner, but I certainly resonate with his reasoning.

“When I write my own song, I work at it until I start to think that it’s a cover song. Maybe it’s a delusion, but I think that I’ve removed all of my tricks out of it. When it sounds like somebody else’s song, with me doing it, that’s the place I try to reach. The opposite is true when I come across a cover I like. I work at it until I believe that I wrote it, and I can take liberties with it in the same ways I can with ones I did actually write. It’s a sort of a reverse process, but the same thing is going on.”

Nick Lowe album cover - The Impossible Bird